Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Marketing Warfare Strategies

I have been dealing with a competitor who has decided to adopt a marketing warfare strategy against a number of our products.

The campaign has been targeted at Momentum Coach Hire (MCH) using Review Centre as the main medium, generally because it is easy to post reviews on the site.

It is the competitor because he does not hide his login when commenting on the website and secondly because he has taken to copying reviews from our website to put them live with a low score attached.

We know they have not come from the customer because we get the original review and talk to our customers on a regular basis. I also post on the reviews to ask the customer to call me with their complaint, shock horror we don't get any calls.

As a marketing strategy it can only be described as pointless, attacking our brand is not building your own brand.  People can now see through the spam because the competitor constantly talks about our business model and does not even understand the model which is also open on all our websites.

The sad thing is that for real customers it can give them a skewed view of a company and is not reflective of the market place.  We ask all customers to review our service, publish the results, we have open scores for all suppliers and a robust customer complaint process.

We still get things wrong at times and we have to deal with a lot of awkward customers, that is the nature of the business.

The funny thing is that the strategy adopted by the competitor has helped us to improve our internal and external processes.

So thank you for attacking us, it has made us better at our job and is starting to help us transform our customer management process.

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